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[OpenMP] Add Support for Mapping Names in Libomptarget RTL

Authored by jhuber6 on Oct 26 2020, 10:40 AM.



This patch adds basic support for priting the source location and names for the mapped variables. This patch does not support names for custom mappers. This is based on D89802.

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jhuber6 created this revision.Oct 26 2020, 10:40 AM
jhuber6 requested review of this revision.Oct 26 2020, 10:40 AM
jdoerfert added inline comments.Oct 26 2020, 4:15 PM
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Nit: getVariableNameFromNameT? or similar, getName is too generic

jhuber6 added inline comments.Oct 26 2020, 4:34 PM
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Do you think I should change all references from void ** to use some name_t in the runtime? I guess it makes it more obvious what it's supposed to be.

Let's split this:

  1. introduce ident.h, or source_info.h to be even more descriptive. Only declare source_loc_info_t (or similar) and use it instead of the void*.
  2. introduce mapped_var_info_t (or similar) and getMappedVariableName(mapped_var_info_t *). Use it everywhere when you extend the interface.
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This function is unused. Let's add it with a use. Also, we could make it a constructor while we are at it.

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Yeah, that sounds good. While at it, I would make name_t a const char *, though if we hide it anyway it's not that important.

jhuber6 updated this revision to Diff 301031.Oct 27 2020, 9:28 AM

Restructuring code to use type alias wrapper name_t to make it more obvious what the data is beyond a void *. Restructured Ident.h into a class with a constructor, this will have an extra constructor for the OpenMP Ident_t struct once D87946 is merged. Added a routine to print out the declaration site in the table dump using LIBOMPTARGET_INFO. For example, if I seg-fault in an OpenMP region using env LIBOMPTARGET_INFO=2 I will get this output for a sample program.

CUDA device 0 info: Device supports up to 65536 CUDA blocks and 1024 threads with a warp size of 32
Libomptarget device 0 info: Mapping exists (implicit) with HstPtrBegin=0x00007f12ce17a010, TgtPtrBegin=0x00007f12b1000000, Size=0, updated RefCount=2, Name=C
Libomptarget device 0 info: Mapping exists (implicit) with HstPtrBegin=0x00007f12e0498010, TgtPtrBegin=0x00007f12ae400000, Size=0, updated RefCount=2, Name=A
Libomptarget device 0 info: Mapping exists (implicit) with HstPtrBegin=0x00007f12cf0bd010, TgtPtrBegin=0x00007f12b0000000, Size=0, updated RefCount=2, Name=B
CUDA device 0 info: Launching kernel __omp_offloading_fd02_c53ebe3d__Z4gemmIiNSt3__17complexIdEEEvT_S3_S3_T0_PKS4_S3_S3_S6_S3_S3_S4_PS4_S3_S3__l53 with 504 blocks and 128 threads in SPMD mode
Libomptarget error: Failed to synchronize device.
Libomptarget error: Call to targetDataEnd failed, abort target.
Libomptarget error: Failed to process data after launching the kernel.
Device 0 Host-Device Pointer Mappings:
Host Ptr           Target Ptr         Size (B) Declaration
0x00007f12ce17a010 0x00007f12b1000000 16000000 matrixC[0:M * N] at gemm.cpp:76:24
0x00007f12cf0bd010 0x00007f12b0000000 16000000 matrixB[0:K * N] at gemm.cpp:75:24
0x00007f12e0498010 0x00007f12ae400000 16000000 matrixA[0:M * K] at gemm.cpp:74:24
0x00007ffd43f2fb58 0x00007f1271c00200 16       beta at kernel.h:34:19
0x00007ffd43f2fb68 0x00007f1271c00000 16       alpha at kernel.h:31:19
jhuber6 updated this revision to Diff 301050.Oct 27 2020, 10:20 AM

Changed name_t to map_var_info_t and renamed the Ident.h header.

jdoerfert accepted this revision.Oct 27 2020, 10:30 AM



Nit: format


Nit: Make the comments sentences with . at the end.

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