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[MachineDCE] Delete missed dead instructions after deleting PHI
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Authored by nemanjai on Aug 28 2020, 1:02 PM.


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Machine DCE does a linear bottom-up pass to detect dead instructions and delete them. The idea with the bottom-up traversal is to delete instructions before their inputs so that removal of a single user makes the def instruction dead.

This however does not work if the only user of an instruction is a PHI in a loop header. With this patch, DCE tracks instructions that have become dead when removing a PHI. At the end, if any of those still exist in their parent MBB, they're also deleted.

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nemanjai created this revision.Aug 28 2020, 1:02 PM
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In general, this pass isn't going to see uses before defs; it's not CFG-sensitive at all. This isn't specific to PHI nodes. For virtual registers, maybe we could be doing something like the IR RecursivelyDeleteTriviallyDeadInstructions, to make sure we catch everything? (Well, everything a simple DCE can catch; ADCE is probably overkill.)

That doesn't really extend to physreg defs, though; we don't currently record the information necessary. Not sure if we can do anything about that cheaply.


You can't use isDead() like this: it queries LivePhysRegs, which is only valid for the current MI.