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[lldb] Add a --dummy option to the frame recognizer commands
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Authored by teemperor on Jul 24 2020, 1:04 AM.



As suggested in D83757, frame recognizers should have an option to act on the dummy
target instead of the real target (similar to breakpoints). The implementation is essentially
just what the breakpoint command is doing.

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teemperor created this revision.Jul 24 2020, 1:04 AM
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mib added a comment.Jul 24 2020, 9:06 AM

Just a little nit, but as we already discussed offline, I have some doubts about adding a --dummy option.
It sounds unnecessary to me, so I'd like to hear @jingham take on this.


I think we can get rid of the method override by giving m_use_dummy a default value.

This is doing the right thing. Ismail and I talked a little off-line and I allayed his concerns.

Except for the bit where it would be really nice not to duplicate the OptionGroupDummy in two places, this looks good to me.


It would be nice not to make two of these. Can we make an OptionGroupDummy in source/Interpreter and then use it here and in the Breakpoint commands?

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Sure, but then the two options would have the same description. Right now it's already a quite vague to make it fit to all the different subcommands ("Act on Dummy frame recognizers - i.e. frame recognizers added before a file is provided, which prime new targets."), so then it would be even more abstract.

Open for suggestions, something like this maybe?

"Modify the dummy target instead of the selected target. The dummy target's properties will be inherited by new targets".


Sadly I don't think that's not how the Option/OptionGroup work (but IMHO they probably should work that way). The function above is supposed to reset the object to the default state. So if we use a default value then the first 'frame recognizer * -D' invocation will set the '-D' flag for all following invocations.

// Subclasses must reset their option values prior to starting a new option
// parse. Each subclass must override this function and revert all option
// settings to default values.
virtual void OptionParsingStarting(ExecutionContext *execution_context) = 0;

Fun fact: I thought the same thing when I touched 'frame var' a few months ago and when I changed that code 'up'/'down' ended up being broken for a few months...

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Actually nevermind, I just realized you probably meant that the class code should be shared.