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[lldb/Lua] Implement a Simple Lua Script Interpreter Prototype

Authored by JDevlieghere on Dec 9 2019, 4:55 PM.



This implements a very elementary Lua script interpreter. It supports running a single command as well as running interactively. It uses editline if available. It's still missing a bunch of stuff though. Some things that I intentionally ingored for now are that I/O isn't properly hooked up (so every print goes to stdout) and the non-editline support which is not handling a bunch of corner cases. The latter is a matter of reusing existing code in the Python interpreter.

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Nit: I would use target_include_directories here.

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It looks like this patch already includes some non-trivial functionality, so I think this is a good time to start figuring out how to test this. Another thing, which may not be needed straight away, but which I think we should consider pretty early is creating some sort of c++ wrappers, similar to the PythonDataObject we have for python. This is so that we don't have C error handling code everywhere, but have things wrapped in a nicer interface with llvm::Expecteds and everything.


How much of this class is boiler plate? Can it be shared with something?


TBH, I am not sure how useful this error really is. Presumably you will get some sort of an error from the lua interpreter if you just let this pass..


So what happens when command is not null terminated? I guess you ought to split this into luaL_loadbuffer && lua_pcall..


same here. You can just use AppendErrorWithFormatv..

Reuse IOHandlerEditline

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  • Hide C calls behind C++ abstraction
  • Improve error handling
  • Add unit test
emaste added a subscriber: emaste.Dec 16 2019, 12:51 PM
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This is starting to look pretty good. I think that pretty soon you'll have to come up with some way of having a more persistent lua context (instead of creating a fresh one for each command), but that doesn't have to happen now.

Does the "multiline" script command do anything already? Is there anything to test with respect to that.


No longer needed?


it doesn't look like this is used (but if it is, it would be better off as a regular variable)


The constructor initialized this member, and the desctructor asserts it to be not null. It doesn't look like this assignment here is actually helping anything..


*GetOutputStreamFileSP() << llvm::toString(std::move(error))




This if is not needed (new always succeeds)


I'm not actually opposed to this (and it's nice to know that this could work if we need it), but why do this as a unit test? It seems like this could be tested equally well with a script command through the lldb driver. I was imagining the unit tests would be most useful for the lower level functionality -- roughly corresponding to the Lua class. Right now that class is pretty simple and doesn't really need a unit test, but I expect it will become more complex over time...

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Yes, I just wanted to show that it's possible :-) I've also included a test for the Lua class.

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I think you wouldn't need these if the other CMakeLists file would use PUBLIC keyword for headers, and INTERFACE for libraries.


Ok, that's cool.

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