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[mips] Do not include offset into `%got` expression for global symbols

Authored by atanasyan on Wed, Aug 21, 1:37 PM.



Now pseudo instruction la $6, symbol+8($6) is expanding into the following chain of commands:

lw    $1, %got(symbol+8)($gp)
addiu $1, $1, 8
addu  $6, $1, $6

This is incorrect. When a linker handles the R_MIPS_GOT16 relocation, it does not expect to get any addend and breaks on assertion. Otherwise it has to create new GOT entry for each unique "sym + offset" pair. Offset for a global symbol should be added to result of loading GOT entry by a separate add command.

The patch fixes the problem by stripping off an offset from the expression passed to the %got. That's interesting that even current code inserts a separate add command.

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