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Warning disable for mod-by-zero and union 'uninitialized' use

Authored by mcgov on Aug 9 2019, 12:29 PM.



MSVC is throwing some warnings when compiling these sections (during a compile of asan_rt and llvm-symbolizer).

The uninitialized use warning is just an artifact of using a union, so I think we can safely ignore it. The mod-by-zero warning I'm less sure about, but unless someone with more knowledge about the code feels like this needs a fix I'd like to just disable the warning so we can build with warn-as-error and get past these.

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I would put the warning pop inside the !_ARCH_PPC block. It would only be an issue in an _MSC_VER + PPC build.


I think the % by 0 will happen only in the cases where the user actually does division by zero, and that's actually the desired behavior.

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update to add !defined(clang)

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Ok that makes sense. I appreciate the look, thank you!

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This broke compilation for me with errors like this:

lib/builtins/fixunsxfdi.c:13:2: error: unterminated conditional directive
#if !_ARCH_PPC

Also, the commit message speaks about sanitizers, even though all the changes are for builtins.

I fixed the compile error in SVN r368480.

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Thank you for the fix!

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This broke -Werror bots due to -Wnewline-eof. I added missing newlines in r368613 to fix this. Please configure your editor to save files with (exactly) one newline for next time :)

See also the "New newline at end of file" notes in phab.