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[analyzer] Create the beta package that is more stable than alpha, move unix.cstring.OutOfBounds there

Authored by Szelethus on May 17 2019, 6:14 PM.



As per discussed on the mailing list, this patch introduces a new package, that is conceptually in between an alpha and a production ready package called beta.

Beta packages and checkers may lack a better better bug reporting,some finetuning on the FP/TP ratio, but as an experimental feature they are considered stable enough to be run on production code.

We philosophically define alpha as not "power user feature"s, or "high fp/tp reporting checkers that is usable sometimes", but as unfinished. For checkers in beta, while still unfinished, we would like to allow users to experiment with it, because according to our experience analyzing internal C/C++ code at Ericsson, false positives from alpha checkers, even with poor reporting were tolerable, hence the desire to move a portion of alpha checkers to beta.

This patch only moves a single checker to beta, beta.unix.cstring.OutOfBounds.

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