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More calendar bits for <chrono>

Authored by Mordante on Jan 14 2019, 5:25 PM.


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This patch adds the types leap and link to std::chrono.
These are "building block" types, that will be used when we get all the time zone stuff in.

Note the new type __undocumented, that denotes an undocumented call.
chrono is probably not the right place for this in the long run, I expect that it will find other uses.

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I don't think the name __undocumented describes what it is this does. It's used as a unspellable tag used to make constructors uncallable by the user. Maybe __private_ctor_t is a better name?

That said, I think I would prefer making the constructors private instead. Especially for types like link which should only be created in one or two places.

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Move operations should be noexcept.

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This signature smells funky.

I think it should have string_view parameters instead. That way we're not double copying a string.

Of course, if link is only ever constructed from arguments of type string&&, then the parameter type should be string and the arguments should be std::moveed .

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I think there is a better representation for this.

I have a couple of ideas, but it depends on what the implementation for time_zone and tzdb look like.
For example, the target() string should always correspond to a time_zone with the same name. We should be able to re-use that string instead of allocating another.

And if we can't re-use strings that we already store, I was thinking something like this:

struct Link2 {
    Link2(std::string_view xname, std::string_view xtarget) : name_len(xname.size()), target_len(xtarget.size()) {
        buff.reset(new char[name_len + target_len + 2] );
        memcpy(buff.get(),, name_len + 1);
        memcpy(buff.get() + xname.size() + 1,, target_len + 1);
    std::string_view name() { return std::string_view(buff.get(), name_len); }
    std::string_view target() { return std::string_view(buff.get() + name_len + 1, target_len); }
    std::unique_ptr<char[]> buff;
    unsigned short name_len, target_len;

This gives us one allocation and a object size of 16 bytes (as opposed to 64), a less expensive move operation, and more consistent invalidation semantics on the string_view.

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These shouldn't be constexpr.

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The inline is redundant.

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This constructor shouldn't throw, so we can probably marke it as noexcept.

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What's with this indentation? clang-format all the things!

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Weird indentation.

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My idea is that this will not be the only place we use __undocumented - and not just in constructors.

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You know what I like better? store a string and a string_view and construct from a string + time_zone. Note that an overwhelming majority of the names will fit in the short string optimization.

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Right. Copy/paste.

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You're right.

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Update based on Eric's comments.

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and more consistent invalidation semantics on the string_view.

The string_view should never be invalidated. Once the vector of links is created in the tzdb, then it never moves/changes/gets deallocated. Before the tzdb is created, no one calls name or target.

As for the allocations, as I said before, "an overwhelming majority of the names will fit in the short string optimization." (~560 out of ~590 across both zones and links). So most of the time, using strings involves NO allocations.

ldionne added a reviewer: Restricted Project.Nov 2 2020, 3:00 PM

Marshall, are you ready to commit this? I haven't looked deeply, but it looks like you had addressed Eric's comments?


Weird indentation.

I'm fine with rebasing and committing this.

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Shouldn't this patch implement also the renames of leap and link? Rename leap to leap_second Rename link to time_zone_link

Shouldn't this patch implement also the renames of leap and link?

Yes. And re-do the comparisons to use spaceship.

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I'm working on a real implementation of the time zone implementation. Since we want to move to GitHub PRs I'm commandeering and closing this patch to clean up our queue.

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