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[WebAssembly] Mask SIMD shift values

Authored by tlively on Jan 9 2019, 3:43 PM.



V8 currently implements SIMD shifts as taking an immediate operation,
which disagrees with the spec proposal and the toolchain
implementation. As a stopgap measure to get things working, unroll all
vector shifts. For all unrolled shifts, new and old, mask the shift
values to preserve WebAssembly's shift semantics for large shifts.

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tlively created this revision.Jan 9 2019, 3:43 PM
aheejin added inline comments.Jan 9 2019, 4:18 PM
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How is this different from just unrolling this as done in below, like

return DAG.UnrollVectorOp(Op.getNode());


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tlively added inline comments.
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For example (i8x16.shl (i8x16.splat (i32.const 1)) 8) should be equal to a vector of all 1 bytes, since it is shifted by the provided amount modulo the width of a lane. However, if you just naively unroll the shift, you end up with a series of shifts that look like (i32.shl (; lane value ;) 8)`, which shifts modulo 32 instead. The result is you get a vector of all zeroes instead of a vector of all 1 bytes. This code adds an AND instruction before unrolling to explicitly mask the shift amount into the correct range.

tlively planned changes to this revision.Jan 9 2019, 5:10 PM

Actually, I just realized the other unroll that was already there should also have this behavior. Fixing now.

tlively retitled this revision from [WebAssembly] Expand SIMD shifts while V8's implementation disagrees to [WebAssembly] Mask SIMD shift values.Jan 10 2019, 3:01 PM
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  • Unroll old shifts as well
aheejin added inline comments.Jan 11 2019, 3:16 PM
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Minor thing: It's sometimes hard to remember which is operand 0 and which is 1.. can we have inline comment for some of arguments to DAG.getNode and DAG.UnrollVectorOp, something like D50277? (It is a not landed yet CL of mine, and I brought this just for an example, but I saw this kind of commenting many other places in LLVM too)

And also we can early-exit i32/i64 case by

// 32-bit and 64-bit unrolled shifts will have proper semantics
if (Op.getSimpleValueType().getVectorElementType().bitsGE(MVT::i32))
  return DAG.UnrollVectorOp(Op.getNode());

// Mask the operand to get proper semantics from 32-bit shift
SDValue Shift = Op.getOperand(1);
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  • Early return and inline comments
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