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Introduce install-lldb-framework target

Authored by xiaobai on Jul 30 2018, 7:42 PM.



Previously, I thought that install-liblldb would fail because CMake had
a bug related to installing frameworks. In actuality, I misunderstood the
semantics of add_custom_target: the DEPENDS option refers to specific files,
not targets. Therefore install-liblldb should rely on the actual liblldb
getting generated rather than the target.

This means that the previous patch I committed (to stop relying on CMake's
framework support) is no longer needed and has been reverted. Using CMake's
framework support greatly simplifies the implementation.

install-lldb-framework (and the stripped variant) is as simple as
depending on install-liblldb because CMake knows that liblldb was built as a
framework and will install the whole framework for you. The stripped variant
will depend on the stripped variants of individual tools only to ensure they
actually are stripped as well.

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xiaobai created this revision.Jul 30 2018, 7:42 PM

Using this patch, I was able to build the lldb framework and install it. I configured with:


and built with:

DESTDIR=/Users/apl/code/llvm/build/tmp ninja install-distribution

This built and installed lldb at DESTDIR. I used the installed lldb to debug a small test binary.

I am glad filing the cmake bug has paid off. :)

I just have one small question about this patch.

81–87 ↗(On Diff #158166)

Shouldn't this be also guarded under the NOT LLVM_INSTALL_TOOLCHAIN_ONLY, like the code above? If someone sets LLVM_INSTALL_TOOLCHAIN_ONLY=True, then the install-liblldb target will not even be generated and these lines will fail (or just do something weird).

I am glad filing the cmake bug has paid off. :)

Same! :)

81–87 ↗(On Diff #158166)

Ahh, yeah I think you're right. I think it should actually be a level deeper in if (NOT CMAKE_CONFIGURATION_TYPES). I'll amend this.

xiaobai updated this revision to Diff 158329.Jul 31 2018, 11:00 AM

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labath accepted this revision.Aug 1 2018, 1:24 AM


This revision is now accepted and ready to land.Aug 1 2018, 1:24 AM

Might be nice to put a blurb in the build page about this in the MacOS section?

Might be nice to put a blurb in the build page about this in the MacOS section?

Yep, I think that wouldn't be a bad idea. I can handle that in a separate commit. Might be nice for one of the buildbots to use this method of building as well. :P

This revision was automatically updated to reflect the committed changes.