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add 2 functions to the ALiasAnalysis interface (getAddressesDistance + ModRefSameBuffer)
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Authored by on May 15 2018, 1:43 AM.



bool ModRefSameBuffer: returns if 2 Locations Mod/Ref same buff (same block in memory)
getAddressesDistance : returns the distance between 2 Locations if there are modifying the same block in memory and distance can be calculated

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Event Timeline created this revision.May 15 2018, 1:43 AM

Can you please comment on how you intend to implement the interface and how you'd like to use it? added a comment.EditedMay 15 2018, 9:18 AM

its very similar to the BasicAliasAnalysis aliasCheck() functions,
the declerations for the private function is:

BuffUseResult BasicAAResult::ModRefSameBufferCheck(
    const Value *V1, uint64_t V1Size, AAMDNodes V1AAInfo, int64_t ptr1Offset,
	const Value *V2, uint64_t V2Size, AAMDNodes V2AAInfo, int64_t ptr2Offset,
	Optional<int64_t> &LocDistance, const Value *O1, const Value *O2) { ... }

were ptr1Offset is "MMOa->getPointerInfo().Offset"

inside I will try to get to the GEP of the 2 memory operands this will tell me if its the same buffer (memory block)
I may pass throw PHI and SELECT nodes like in aliasCheck(),
after i will have 2 GEP I will calculate the distance using:

int64_t GEP1BaseOffset =
          DecompGEP1.StructOffset + DecompGEP1.OtherOffset + ptr1Offset;
      int64_t GEP2BaseOffset =
          DecompGEP2.StructOffset + DecompGEP2.OtherOffset + ptr2Offset;
      LocDistance = GEP2BaseOffset - GEP1BaseOffset;

and I will save it inside a cache like aliasCache...

I have implemented it and test it on my Core and it works for most cases...
it helps for detecting "Bank conflicts", when two memory instructions Mod/Ref from the same memory block, I can check if its also in the same bank if I have the distance between them and the size of each one of them...

the 2 functions I have added is generic and maybe other users will use it for something else...
If you also see how useful it is I will add a new patch with a first implementation (on BasicAliasAnalysis)

for being more clear, the call for the private function would be:

BasicAAResult::getAddressesDistance(const MemoryLocation &LocA,
	int64_t ptr1Offset, const MemoryLocation &LocB, int64_t ptr2Offset) {
  // LocA-LocB
  Optional<int64_t> LocDistance;
  BuffUseResult sameBuff =
      ModRefSameBufferCheck(LocA.Ptr, LocA.Size, LocA.AATags, ptr1Offset, 
		  LocB.Ptr, LocB.Size, LocB.AATags, ptr2Offset, LocDistance);

	return LocDistance;

Would be good if you can also add an implementation of this API (in a dependent patch).
I'm not entirely clear on the use yet, e.g. "BuffUseResult sameBuff" in your example is never used. An actual implementation would help with understanding and reviewing.

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