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[LivePhysRegs] Fix handling of return instructions.

Authored by efriedma on Jan 29 2018, 12:23 PM.



See D42509 for the original version of this.

Basically, there are two significant changes to behavior here:

  1. addLiveOuts always adds all pristine registers (even if a block has no successors).
  2. addLiveOuts and addLiveOutsNoPristines always add all callee-saved registers for return blocks (including conditional return blocks).

I cleaned up the functions a bit to make it clear these properties hold.

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efriedma created this revision.Jan 29 2018, 12:23 PM
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    BX_RET 4, killed %cpsr, implicit %r0
    Successors according to CFG: %bb.2(0x40000000 / 0x80000000 = 50.00%)

A conditional return statement breaks the whole nice logic of MachineBasicBlock::isReturnBlock() returning true or false, since it's clearly neither in this case...

LLVM CodeGen isn't really prepared for predicated code (= instructions that don't necessarily execute) it seemed fine to me when they are all packaged up in a bundle and reasoning about it as a bundle made sense, but this is turning a sure branch into a possible branch and a fallthrough...

Apart from that I have really bad feelings about us using MI this way, I'm fine to push this as a fix for now.

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Being how unintuitive all of this turned out to be this deserves a comment!

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kparzysz added inline comments.Jan 31 2018, 6:21 AM
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Shouldn't we be doing this even for conditional returns?

efriedma added inline comments.Jan 31 2018, 11:32 AM
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I... guess so?

I'll try to come up with something more obviously correct.

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Mark all callee-saved regs live in return blocks in addLiveOuts/addLiveOutsNoPristines. Clean up the code to make the behavior more obvious. Rebase patch against trunk, since the original patch was reverted. Update summary.

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