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[WebAssembly] Add support for writing out init functions in linking section

Authored by sbc100 on Dec 18 2017, 5:40 PM.

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rLLD LLVM Linker

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ncw accepted this revision.EditedDec 19 2017, 3:23 AM

It's a start! (I guess this can be merged quickly, since it doesn't "do" much yet.)

For full support, I guess we're going to change things as follows?

  1. Scrap the --entry and --no-entry arguments, entrypoints are now specified via llvm global ctors instead.
  2. When not relocatable, synthesise a function that calls the InitFuncs
  3. Add a new argument --start-entry / --export-entry=NAME which determines whether the synthesised function is added as the start func or exported by name. (These are exclusive choices, the last-specified of --start-entry and --export-entry wins). The default could be either --start-entry or --export-entry=_start, I don't particularly mind.

Alternatively for (1), we could retain --entry / --no-entry, and simply have them specify a function that will be added to the very end of the InitFuncs. I suppose the use-case would be to maybe specify some sort of void _start_main() { exit(main()); } function? We can certainly provide a _start_main symbol like that in Musl, and allow users to choose whether or not main will be invoked by passing --entry=_start_main if they want it (not by default). Or we could be "clever" and see if the user has actually provided a function called "main", and change the default accordingly!

I've updated my Musl fork to expect these semantics, by changing it to do libc initialisation using a ctor function at highest priority:

This revision is now accepted and ready to land.Dec 19 2017, 3:23 AM

I like the idea of keeping the generated function (i.e. __wasm_call_ctors, or whatever we call it) separate from main(). Then its up the c library, or runtime to decide if they want to call those two things in the same call stack, or separately. For the emscripten use case I think we want to be able to fist call ctors().. then later on call main(). But with a more stand alone toolchain (such as one based your musl port), it could happen in the same call if we decide that makes sense.

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ruiu added inline comments.Dec 27 2017, 1:41 AM

Can't you omit std::string?