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[clangd] Build dynamic index and use it for code completion.

Authored by ioeric on Dec 15 2017, 6:14 AM.

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ioeric created this revision.Dec 15 2017, 6:14 AM
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sammccall accepted this revision.Dec 19 2017, 9:17 AM

OK, this is pretty clean now! :-)


A comment explaining when this runs and what it does might be nice.

Also this doesn't seem like an ideal long-term solution: rebuilding an index can be slow (less the symbol extraction, and more the rebuilding of index data structures) and we may be able to index on less critical paths.
Probably also worth a comment.


CppFile doesn't need to pass the path, do you want [FileName, ASTCallback](const Context &C, ParsedAST *AST) { ASTCallback(C, FileName, AST); }


synchronously... maybe mention this will block diagnostics and doing expensive things would be bad


llvm:๐Ÿ†‘:Hidden, if it's experimental?


for this test, I don't see a clear sign that the results come from the index.
Is there a way we know this that you can point out?

For the second test we can tell because there's no #include, but it could use a comment


This repeated setup is a bit ugly but I'm planning to pull out a helper for this anyway.

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Thanks for the quick review!


The downside is 1) we need to worry about the life time of FileName 2) we need another type for the new callback, so I am inclined to simply forward the callback.

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