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[mips] Don't derive the default ABI from the CPU in the backend.

Authored by dsanders on Jun 17 2016, 5:32 AM.



The backend has no reason to behave like a driver and should generally do
as it's told (and error out if it can't) instead of trying to figure out
what the API user meant. The default ABI is still derived from the arch
component as a concession to backwards compatibility.

API-users that previously passed an explicit CPU and a triple that was
inconsistent with the CPU (e.g. mips-linux-gnu and mips64r2) may get a
different ABI to what they got before. However, it's expected that there
are no such users on the basis that CodeGen has been asserting that the
triple is consistent with the selected ABI for several releases. API-users
that were consistent or passed '' or 'generic' as the CPU will see no

Depends on D21465

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LGTM using -target-abi= or if the other review gets accepted too.

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Extract this patch from the series it was a part of by changing -mabi to
-target-abi. It's now possible to commit this patch without committing the
dependencies first.

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