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FileCheck Enhancements

Authored by eklepilkina on May 26 2016, 2:06 AM.



Patch for RFC:FileCheck Enhancements!topic/llvm-dev/q1TDIf6urDI

There was idea to add new directives to FileCheck:

  1. Directive to use some patterns as named template with or without parameters.
  2. CHECK-INCLUDE - Directive to include other file with checks to another.
  3. Expressions repeat for CHECK - If statement should be checked several times repeat modifiers {n}, {n,m} , {,n}, {n,}, *, + can be used.
  4. Repeat in regexs - Repeat with current number should become available by using {n}, {n,m} , {,n}, {n,}
  5. CHECK-LABEL-DAG - Not sequential order of labels.
  7. Wildcard for prefixes - If some statements should be checked regardless prefix, it should be used {{*}}, {{*}}-NEXT, //{{*}}-SAME and etc.
  8. Prefix with regular expressions - If statement should be checked if prefix matches some regular expression, it should be used {{regex}}:, {{regex}}-NEXT and etc.

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Thanks for providing the sample patch. It's rather large! I suggest that after the llvm-dev discussion settles down and we know exactly which features sound good, that you should post individual patches for those features that can be reviewed independently. I'll make a few general suggestions now that should help speed those reviews.

  • Patches should be made against the trunk version.
  • Each patch should implement just one feature, which can be reviewed and discussed independently.
  • Avoid unrelated formatting changes. The clang-format tool can operate on just the lines you have modified for a patch. It would be acceptable to provide a first patch that does nothing more than run clang-format on the original upstream file. This will help avoid distracting reviewers with non-functional formatting changes.
  • Do not include your SYNOPSYS comment tags in the upstream patches.

Thanks for working on FileCheck!

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