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[sanitizer] remove PS_STRINGS fallback on FreeBSD

Authored by emaste on Apr 12 2016, 12:46 PM.



The PS_STRINGS constant can easily be incorrect with mismatched kernel/userland - e.g. when building i386 sanitizers on FreeBSD/amd64 with -m32. The kern.ps_strings sysctl exists on all supported versions of FreeBSD and is the supported way to get the environment and argument strings, so we never use the PS_STRINGS fallback. Just remove it.

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This is reasonable to me. Filipe, what do you think?

This revision is now accepted and ready to land.Apr 12 2016, 2:55 PM

I'm hoping to eventually move PS_STRINGS to be for the FreeBSD kernel only, and have started removing uses from the FreeBSD base system:

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This seems to be in line with the rest of your commits in FreeBSD's base system, so LGTM.

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Well, there's another point of view. Do we care about keeping the
PS_STRINGS for FreeBSD < 11? (Possibly <10.4 or <10.3)

Thank you,

emaste added a comment.EditedApr 14 2016, 7:14 AM

Well, there's another point of view. Do we care about keeping the
PS_STRINGS for FreeBSD < 11? (Possibly <10.4 or <10.3)

No, there's no need. I made a mistake in my FreeBSD commit message when I said kern.ps_strings is available in any FreeBSD release supported within the last decade -- it's actually much longer.

kern.ps_strings was actually introduced in r14235 over 20 years ago:
And in 1998 it was understood that "applications should use the kern.ps_strings sysctl instead of PS_STRINGS":

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