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[Compiler-rt] Mark getpwnam_r_invalid_user as expected failure for MIPS

Authored by mohit.bhakkad on Mar 21 2016, 4:47 AM.



On MIPS, there might be leak of some memory in libc when we call getpwnam_r, so it fails with a lsan error, otherwise assertions used in this test are positive.

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Please investigate this issue in more details. "There might be some leak in getpwnam_r" is not a good enough reason to exclude this test on MIPS (note that it also runs for ASan, TSan, MSan, not just for LSan).

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Please followup on samsonov@ comment.

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@samsonov sure I will investigate libc code and get back to you.
Till now,
I have tried replacing original libc call with a dummy stub of getpwnam_r returning same values, which makes the test pass.
Also with msan, tsan test passes without fail.

mohit.bhakkad abandoned this revision.Apr 14 2016, 3:44 AM

Looks like there was issue with some library on the machine I was working on previously, as I am unable to replicate error on any other mips(el/eb) machine.
Abandoning this change.