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[ASTMatchers] Existing matcher hasAnyArgument fixed

Authored by baloghadamsoftware on Mar 17 2016, 7:44 AM.



A checker (will be uploaded after this patch) needs to check implicit casts. The checker needs matcher hasAnyArgument but it ignores implicit casts and parenthesized expressions which disables checking of implicit casts for arguments in the checker. However the documentation of the matcher contains a FIXME that this should be removed once separate matchers for ignoring implicit casts and parenthesized expressions are ready. Since these matchers were already there the fix could be executed. Only one Clang checker was affected which was also fixed (ignoreParenImpCasts added) and is separately uploaded. Third party checkers (not in the Clang repository) may be affected by this fix so the fix must be emphasized in the release notes.

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Please add a test for this.

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LibASTMatchersReference.html updated

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the fix must be emphasized in the release notes

It seems like the best time to update the release notes is now, in this patch ;)

Release notes updated.

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nit: The sentence doesn't parse. Did you mean "The fix allows" or "The fix was done to allow"?


nit: Please enclose inline code snippets in double backquotes.

Release notes fixed.

Are there any other comments please?

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No, thank you for the fix!


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