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[InstrProf][Temporal] Add weight field to traces

Authored by ellis on Apr 12 2023, 11:00 AM.



As discussed in [0], add a weight field to temporal profiling traces found in profiles. This allows users to use the --weighted-input= flag in the llvm-profdata merge command to weight traces from different scenarios differently.

Note that this is a breaking change, but since [1] landed very recently and there is no way to "use" this trace data, there should be no users of this feature. We believe it is acceptable to land this change without bumping the profile format version.


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typo: use


nit: Should we rename this flag to --temporal-profile-max-trace-length to be consistent with the naming of the others with the same prefix? I missed this in the prior review.


I think in this usage model only a single trace with unique weight can be merged at a time. Can we use existing -weighted-input flag in llvm-profdata to implement this?


nit: Prefer llvm::ArrayRef<TemporalProfTraceTy> instead of a constant reference?


You should be able to extract the weight for an input (in this case, a raw temporal prof trace) from this instead of adding a separate flag. Also see the comment above.

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I think of this as "max-X-length" where X is "temporal-profile-trace". I'm ok with either, so let me know if you have a strong opinion.


This simplifies a few things. Thanks for the suggestion!


I actually realized I should remove the const and make the traces in addTemporalProfileTraces() also a reference to avoid a copy. Thanks for pointing this out!

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Remove --temporal-profile-trace-weight flag

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I think moving "max" after the "temporal-profile-trace" (or even "temporal-profile") prefix does not change the meaning, so having a consistent prefix for the options for this feature would be nice in my opinion.


If you use llvm::ArrayRef instead of SmallVectorImpl& then in the unit tests you can avoid having to create SmallVector objects which are then passed to this function. You can replace them with initializer lists and simplify the code a little bit.

SmallVector Traces1({FooTrace}), Traces2({BarTrace});
Writer.addTemporalProfileTraces(Traces1, 1);
Writer2.addTemporalProfileTraces(Traces2, 1);


Writer.addTemporalProfileTraces({FooTrace}, 1);
Writer2.addTemporalProfileTraces({BarTrace}, 1);
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Rename flag to -temporal-profile-max-trace-length


I can't use ArrayRef because I'm modifying SrcTraces by moving traces from it to the destination writer. MutableArrayRef causes subtle bugs in the unit tests when I make the above change because it clears FooTrace and BarTrace. I think I could use OwningArrayRef but I think this would lead to more copying than is necessary.

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Ah sorry for the misleading comment then, I should have read the source more closely.

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ellis added inline comments.Apr 13 2023, 11:33 AM

This broke some builds because of compiler warnings, but I believe it should be fixed by

/home/buildbots/docker-RHEL84-buildbot/SetupBot/worker_env/ppc64le-clang-rhel-test/clang-ppc64le-rhel/llvm-project/llvm/unittests/ProfileData/InstrProfTest.cpp:252:3: error: 'SmallVector' may not intend to support class template argument deduction [-Werror,-Wctad-maybe-unsupported]
  SmallVector Traces = {LargeTrace, SmallTrace};
/home/buildbots/docker-RHEL84-buildbot/SetupBot/worker_env/ppc64le-clang-rhel-test/clang-ppc64le-rhel/llvm-project/llvm/include/llvm/ADT/SmallVector.h:1199:22: note: add a deduction guide to suppress this warning
class LLVM_GSL_OWNER SmallVector : public SmallVectorImpl<T>,