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clang-analyzer plugins require LLVM_ENABLE_PLUGINS also

Authored by vtjnash on Feb 11 2022, 1:45 PM.



The clang-analyzer plugins are not linked to a particular tool, so they
can only be compiled if plugins are broadly supported. We could opt
instead to decide whether to link them to specifically against clang or
with undefined symbols, depending on the value of LLVM_ENABLE_PLUGINS,
but we do not currently expect there to be a use case for that rather
niche configuration.

@simon_tatham Thanks for the clear issue text. I believe this will fix both of the configuration issues you uncovered in D119199.

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I gave this patch a test against our downstream code, and found that it doesn't stop me needing the change I suggested in D119199: in clang/tools/driver/CMakeLists.txt, I had to change


so that the if statement reads


because otherwise, the clang/examples builds will still try to link against the clang executable target, which needs its symbols to have been exported.

We are not going to start exporting plugin support if the user explicitly disabled it with CLANG_PLUGIN_SUPPORT=OFF, but why is it trying to read that directory at all, when it should be disallowed by this PR unless CLANG_PLUGIN_SUPPORT=ON

I ran another test of this patch, by trying the cross product of the following cmake configuration choices (on a build targeting Windows, with LLVM_ENABLE_PROJECTS=clang):

  • CLANG_BUILD_EXAMPLES set to each of ON and OFF
  • CLANG_PLUGIN_SUPPORT set to each of ON and OFF

3 of those 8 cases failed.

  • export-symbols OFF, build-examples ON, plugin-support OFF
  • export-symbols OFF, build-examples ON, plugin-support ON
  • export-symbols ON, build-examples ON, plugin-support OFF (which is the configuration we're currently using downstream)

In all three cases, I saw errors such as this (suggesting that a plugin is being added to the list of things to test even though it wasn't built):

CMake Error at cmake/modules/AddLLVM.cmake:1821 (add_dependencies):
  The dependency target "AnnotateFunctions" of target "check-all" does not
Call Stack (most recent call first):
  CMakeLists.txt:1134 (add_lit_target)

Perhaps not all of the 8 configurations in this cross product are actually sensible? But if one of them is not sensible, it would be better to get a clear error message saying why, than to have to debug things like the above.

vtjnash updated this revision to Diff 409241.Feb 16 2022, 7:25 AM

add one more missing case to check

Okay, this should work now for those cases! Sorry, I kept thinking it was clang/examples that was broken, and missed that it was clang/test that was failing, so I failed to see what I needed to fix there too, so that we were not trying to build the tests in configurations where the functionality is disabled.

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LGTM this time. Thanks very much for the rework!

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