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[llvm-libtool-darwin] Add -warnings_as_errors

Authored by keith on Feb 3 2022, 11:41 AM.



libtool can currently produce 2 warnings:

  1. No symbols were in the object file
  2. An object file with the same basename was specified multiple times

The first warning here is often harmless and may just mean you have some
translation units with no symbols for the target you're building for.
The second warning can lead to real issues like those mentioned in where ODR violations can slip in.

This introduces a new -warnings_as_errors flag that can be used by build
systems that want to verify they never hit these warnings. For example
with bazel the libtool caller first uniques names to make sure the
duplicate base name case is not possible, but if that doesn't work as
expected, having it fail would be preferred.

It's also worth noting that llvm-libtool-darwin works around an issue
that cctools libtool experiences related to debug info and duplicate
basenames, the workaround is described here:
And it avoids this bug:

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Ideally we'd have a way to automatically turn warnings into errors past a certain threshold (similar to how LLD's error handler does it), but given that we only have two warnings right now, that's probably overkill. This LGTM.


Would creating this as an Error and passing it to WithColor::defaultWarningHandler (as is done in the other case) work here as well, just to reduce the duplication?

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Reduce duplication in warning / error string

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Please add the new option to the command guide documentation.

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Add -warnings_as_errors to docs

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