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[libcxx][test][NFC] Add tests for backward iteration over associative containers

Authored by kboyarinov on Jan 25 2022, 2:09 AM.



Add test cases for iteration over the ordered associative container from end to begin using operator--

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This test case is intended to improve code coverage of the libc++ implementation of map. The implementation uses helper class __map_value_compare for EBO:

template <class _Key, class _CP, class _Compare,
                  bool = is_empty_v<_Compare> && !is_final_v<_Compare>>
class __map_value_compare : private _Compare { /*...*/};

template <class _Key, class _CP, class _Compare>
class __map_value_compare<_Key, _CP, _Compare, false>
  _Compare comp;

To test both generic template and the specialization, we need additional test-case for final comparator.
Do you think such testing should be organized in this manner or something should be added or changed?

110–145 ↗(On Diff #402800)

Having not looked closely at all, I suggest we pull the whole body of main out into void test() { ~~~ } so that main becomes a two-liner; and then we make test into a template.

template<class Compare>
void test() {

int main(int, char**)
#if TEST_STD_VER >= 11
#if TEST_STD_VER > 11

Or do all the different tests here use different key types so this idea would end up being complicated?

Might also make sense to move this discussion/diff into its own separate PR, on the assumption that every other diff here is uncontroversial. (Every other diff is just testing backward iteration, right?)

kboyarinov retitled this revision from [libcxx][test][NFC] Additional test cases for associative containers to [libcxx][test][NFC] Add tests for backward iteration over associative containers.
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Remove test-case for the comparator marked final (moved to D118232)

LGTM if CI is green. Some nitpicks.


Perhaps, after line 88, assert(i == m.begin()); . Ditto throughout.


For consistency with line 213.

This revision is now accepted and ready to land.Jan 26 2022, 2:09 PM

Add assert(i == end()) and rename variables for consistency

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