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Add `TypeLoc`-related matchers.

Authored by jcking1034 on Oct 6 2021, 9:56 AM.



Contributes several matchers that involve TypeLocs. These matchers are (in alphabetical order):

  • elaboratedTypeLoc
  • hasAnyTemplateArgumentLoc
  • hasNamedTypeLoc
  • hasPointeeLoc
  • hasReferentLoc
  • hasReturnTypeLoc
  • hasTemplateArgumentLoc
  • hasUnqualifiedLoc
  • pointerTypeLoc
  • qualifiedTypeLoc
  • referenceTypeLoc
  • templateSpecializationTypeLoc

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Update dynamic matcher registry; update matcher page; remove unnecessary const qualifiers

Nice! Just some minor notes.


Here and below. These changes look wrong. Did the script encounter an error?


I think you need a const here (to the right) to be considered a qualified type loc.


I think int not int*?


why the use of std::function? Seems easier just to take Finder and Builder directly as arguments?


Maybe simplify this -- I think a less detailed matcher would still be a useful illustration.

Also, please list the new matchers in the patch description.

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Improve comments and examples; simplify hasTemplateArgumentLoc implementation.

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I've decided to use a different example to be a bit clearer.


I think this should be correct. If we were to look at int** x, pointerTypeLoc(hasPointeeLoc(pointerTypeLoc(hasPointeeLoc(loc(asString("int")))))) will match the whole TypeLoc and pointerTypeLoc(hasPointeeLoc(loc(asString("int")))) will match int*.

ymandel accepted this revision.Oct 6 2021, 1:42 PM
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Sorry -- misread -- i was focused on the pointee part. you're absolutely right.

This revision is now accepted and ready to land.Oct 6 2021, 1:42 PM
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Any luck fixing these edits?

jcking1034 updated this revision to Diff 377845.Oct 7 2021, 7:41 AM

Update matchers reference page.

jcking1034 updated this revision to Diff 377854.Oct 7 2021, 8:05 AM

Fix documentation for hasTemplateArgumentLoc.

aaron.ballman added inline comments.Oct 7 2021, 8:29 AM

I'm trying to reason my way through this. You want to match a qualified type location and int * const matches that. Then you want it to match an unqualified type loc and int matches that. Then it should be a pointer type... but int does not match that. So I wouldn't expect x to be matched. What have I misunderstood?


I'd appreciate more documentation on whether this is expected to match both lvalue and rvalue references. I suppose there's a secondary question of whether this matches member functions too:

struct S {
  void func() &; // Can this match this as a reference type loc?

Should these live in ASTMatchersInternal.h?


It'd be helpful to document how this behaves in C where the tag needs to be used (unlike in C++ where the tag can be elided unless you want an elaborated type). Same below.

jcking1034 updated this revision to Diff 377885.Oct 7 2021, 9:14 AM

Actually fix documentation for hasTemplateArgumentLoc.

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Address comments.

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I think I got it to work!


The hasUnqualifiedLoc will actually be matched by int * (the * is part of the unqualified TypeLoc), which will then be a pointer TypeLoc that can be matched by pointerTypeLoc. Thus, the TypeLoc of x should be matched.

I just realized that the unit test BindsToConstVolatilePointerVarDecl which covers a similar situation is broken, where the match is producing a false positive (probably matching some hidden boiler plate code) - I've gone ahead and fixed the test, which hopefully clarifies things. I'll also add a unit test for these cases, as well.


I've added an example to clarify that this matches both lvalue and rvalue references. Having some trouble addressing your second point, but will keep playing around with it.


This matcher should match in C, I've updated the comment to reflect this. I've also updated the unit test ElaboratedTypeLocTest_BindsToElaboratedStructDeclaration to cover both the C and C++ cases.

Aside from the question about member function references and whether those should or should not be matched, I think this LGTM.


Ah, okay, I see where my confusion came in then. Thank you for the explanation and the additional unit test.

jcking1034 added inline comments.Oct 7 2021, 3:04 PM

After looking into it, it seems that this matcher will not match ref-qualified member functions. Essentially, this node isn't represented in a way that allows for it to be matched by referenceTypeLoc.

For a more detailed explaination: In this example, we are able to use cxxMethodDecl to match void func() &. If we wished to match the Type of the member function, we could use cxxMethodDecl(hasType(functionProtoType().bind("t"))), and from the FunctionProtoType node you could determine if the function is ref-qualified through a call to getRefQualifier ( It's not possible to match using cxxMethodDecl(hasType(referenceType().bind("t"))). So it seems that the type of the member function is not a reference type, but instead a FunctionProtoType from which you'd programmatically have to determine if it's a reference type. In the realm of TypeLocs, there is no TypeLoc that corresponds to the FunctionProtoType node, and so the best you could do may be something like cxxMethodDecl(hasTypeLoc(loc(functionProtoType().bind("t")))) and programmatically analyzing the bound node. For reference, please see

aaron.ballman accepted this revision.Oct 8 2021, 6:34 AM



Thank you for the detailed explanation! I think the current behavior is fine.

Rebase onto master

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Oh! I did think of something else we should do -- can you add a release note to make users aware of the awesome new functionality? It doesn't have to be super detailed, but enough to alert people to the fact that this is significant new functionality.

jcking1034 added a comment.EditedOct 8 2021, 2:13 PM

@aaron.ballman that sounds like a good idea, what's the process for adding a release note? Does it involve editing clang/docs/ReleaseNotes.rst?

@aaron.ballman that sounds like a good idea, what's the process for adding a release note? Does it involve editing clang/docs/ReleaseNotes.rst?

That's correct! And because it's not a functionality change, you don't need to get a review before committing those changes unless you'd like the review (which is also totally fine). I'd add these details under the AST Matchers section of the document.