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PR27284 - Reverse the ownership between DICompileUnit and DISubprogram

Authored by aprantl on Apr 12 2016, 2:56 PM.



Currently each Function points to a DISubprogram and DISubprogram has a scope field. For member functions the scope is a DICompositeType. DIScopes never point to the DICompileUnit to facilitate type uniquing.

Distinct DISubprograms (with isDefinition: true) are not part of the type hierarchy and cannot be uniqued.This patch removes the subprograms list from DICompileUnit and instead adds a pointer to the owning compile unit to distinct DISubprograms. This enables ThinLTO to lazy-load DISubprograms and their transitively referenced debug info.


Materializing DISubprograms is currently the most expensive operation when doing a ThinLTO build of clang.

We want the DISubprogram to be stored in a separate Bitcode block (or the same block as the function body) so we can avoid having to expensively deserialize all DISubprograms together with the global metadata. If a function has been inlined into another subprogram we need to store a reference the block containing the inlined subprogram.


Attached to is a python script that updates LLVM IR testcases to the new format.

This patch does not include the upgraded clang testcases.

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  • rebased on 266137
  • fix DIBuilder to not set the unit field for declarations
dblaikie accepted this revision.Apr 13 2016, 10:53 AM
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Generally looks good - bunch of cleanup sort of stuff & a few casual questions, none of which I think would block this being committed.


Indentation (looks like the for SPs loop is indented at the same level as the if CU_SP.second condition - though it appears as though it's semantically nested inside it)


Can't remember if this braced init works in MSVC, you might end up needing to use make_pair


You could drop the conditional operator here, if you like - booleans convert to 1 and 0. Up to you if you think that's sufficiently/more readable, etc. (could even leave the variable as type bool, too). I could go either way.


Not worth changing the record layout to have one fewer records?


Maybe pull this out as a separate patch (& the change to the parameter type from pointer to reference) (& the other range-for-ification later in this loop, etc)


Separate patch?


Separate patch?


Maybe make this an explicit "FIXME"? That extra cloning work seems significant, no? (especially if it means cloning all the types in the CU, etc?)

This revision is now accepted and ready to land.Apr 13 2016, 10:53 AM
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Thanks everyone!
Committed as r266445+r266446.

Hi all,

Just wanted to share with everyone that I profiled importing IR with ThinLTO, and this change makes linkInModule() ~10x faster!

Great work Adrian :)