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[LLDB] Support AArch64 PAC elf-core register read
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Authored by omjavaid on Tue, Apr 6, 3:48 AM.



This adds support for reading AArch64 Pointer Authentication regset
from elf-core file. Also includes a test-case for the same. Furthermore
there is also a slight adjustment of RegisterContextPOSIXCore_arm64
members and constructor.

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omjavaid created this revision.Tue, Apr 6, 3:48 AM
omjavaid requested review of this revision.Tue, Apr 6, 3:48 AM
DavidSpickett added inline comments.Tue, Apr 6, 4:14 AM

How is the sizeof() calculated here? Is it the size of the masks themselves, or a header block. (SVE above is clearly a header of some kind)


Do you need anything special to generate the core file? Might be worth noting in the commit message.

Though I guess you can just compile a hello world on a Linux system with PAC.

values = {
  "data_mask": "...",

(or dict(data_mask="..."))

labath added a comment.Thu, Apr 8, 5:16 AM

Seems reasonable to me. I'm happy if @DavidSpickett is.