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Docs: Update dead links to SVN in Contributing.rst

Authored by cr3ative on Mar 30 2021, 1:34 PM.



Just tidying up some dead links for new ones on the github version! Sorry for submitting this to github first time around. I am a dunce. I hope this is correct.

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Unit TestsFailed

2,060 msx64 debian > libarcher.races::lock-unrelated.c
Script: -- : 'RUN: at line 13'; /mnt/disks/ssd0/agent/llvm-project/build/./bin/clang -fopenmp -pthread -fno-experimental-isel -g -O1 -fsanitize=thread -I /mnt/disks/ssd0/agent/llvm-project/openmp/tools/archer/tests -I /mnt/disks/ssd0/agent/llvm-project/build/projects/openmp/runtime/src -L /mnt/disks/ssd0/agent/llvm-project/build/lib -Wl,-rpath,/mnt/disks/ssd0/agent/llvm-project/build/lib /mnt/disks/ssd0/agent/llvm-project/openmp/tools/archer/tests/races/lock-unrelated.c -o /mnt/disks/ssd0/agent/llvm-project/build/projects/openmp/tools/archer/tests/races/Output/lock-unrelated.c.tmp -latomic && env TSAN_OPTIONS='ignore_noninstrumented_modules=0:ignore_noninstrumented_modules=1' /mnt/disks/ssd0/agent/llvm-project/openmp/tools/archer/tests/deflake.bash /mnt/disks/ssd0/agent/llvm-project/build/projects/openmp/tools/archer/tests/races/Output/lock-unrelated.c.tmp 2>&1 | tee /mnt/disks/ssd0/agent/llvm-project/build/projects/openmp/tools/archer/tests/races/Output/lock-unrelated.c.tmp.log | /mnt/disks/ssd0/agent/llvm-project/build/./bin/FileCheck /mnt/disks/ssd0/agent/llvm-project/openmp/tools/archer/tests/races/lock-unrelated.c

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cr3ative requested review of this revision.Mar 30 2021, 1:34 PM
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LGTM. Do you need someone to commit this for you?

This revision is now accepted and ready to land.Mar 30 2021, 1:57 PM

Yes please! Many thanks.

Can you provide Author Name <email@domain> for commit attribution?


Paul Curry <>

Looks like this has been separately addressed by @jroelofs, linking to the updated urls on the Phabricator rather than off-site to GitHub.

Hooray! I think!

ldionne closed this revision.Mar 30 2021, 2:46 PM

Yup, indeed. Let's close this then.

There's one more case of the general problem if you want to take a stab at it: llvm/docs/ (see the instructions for installing LIT)