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BPF: permit type modifiers for __builtin_btf_type_id() relocation

Authored by yonghong-song on Mar 4 2021, 3:00 PM.



Lorenz Bauer from Cloudflare tried to use "const struct <name>"
as the type for __builtin_btf_type_id(*(const struct <name>)0, 1)
relocation and hit a llvm BPF fatal error.

fatal error: error in backend: Empty type name for BTF_TYPE_ID_REMOTE reloc

Currently, we require the debuginfo type itself must have a name.
In this case, the debuginfo type is "const" which points to "struct <name>".
The "const" type does not have a name, hence the above fatal error
will be triggered.

Let us permit "const" and "volatile" type modifiers. We skip modifiers
in some other cases as well like structure member type tracing.
This can aviod the above fatal error.

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anakryiko added inline comments.Mar 4 2021, 3:25 PM

should we strip restrict as well?

yonghong-song added inline comments.Mar 4 2021, 3:54 PM

I deliberately skipped the restrict. in C, restrict is used to restrict pointers and used in pointer declarations (include variables and parameters).

In type casting, the restrict will be ignored. For example,

-bash-4.4$ cat tt.c
struct s {
  int a;
int test() {
  return __builtin_btf_type_id(*(struct s * restrict)0, 1);
-bash-4.4$ clang -target bpf -O2 -S -g tt.c -emit-llvm -Xclang -disable-llvm-passes

restrict does not show up in the debuginfo.

I tried to construct another example,

-bash-4.4$ cat tt.c                                                               
struct s {
  int a;

int test() {
  struct s * restrict v;
  return __builtin_btf_type_id(*v, 1);

In this case, "restrict" shows up in variable declaration as restrict -> pointer -> struct s.
The meta data we attached is the pointee type "struct s", so we are fine.

typically restrict shows up before pointer like [restrict|const|volatile]+ pointer [const|volatile]+ non-pointer type.

What I did is trying to remove const/volatile in "[const|volatile]+ non-pointer-type". So we should be fine here.

anakryiko added inline comments.Mar 4 2021, 3:57 PM

ok, thanks for checking, Yonghong!

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