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[OpenCL] Prevent fused mul and add by default

Authored by Anastasia on Fri, May 22, 7:57 AM.



Currently, clang will generate fused operation fmuladd for expressions like a*b+c. However, I can't find anything in the spec that explains this behavior. But clang was doing this for almost 10 years....

I looked at:
s6.13.2 where it details fp conract pragma:

// on-off-switch is one of ON, OFF, or DEFAULT.
// The DEFAULT value is ON.
#pragma OPENCL FP_CONTRACT on-off-switch

The default behavior here refers to the default value of the pragma when used in the source code.

s7.4 table 38

x * y + z
Implemented either as a correctly rounded fma or as a multiply and an add both of which are correctly rounded.

This table described behavior when -cl-unsafe-math-optimizations flag is passed.

I can't find anything else that would justify allowing fused operations, therefore I assume this is not safe to do and can cause issues on some applications/targets

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Anastasia created this revision.Fri, May 22, 7:57 AM
svenvh added a subscriber: svenvh.Fri, May 22, 8:49 AM

I think "the default value is on" is meant to imply that contraction is allowed by default, not that you can write the pragma without an on-off-switch and it means "on".

FWIW, that would be consistent with C, which also enables contraction by default.

Contraction is just an optimization technique. Unless a user explicitly requests strict FP semantics, contraction does not break C++ semantics.

arsenm requested changes to this revision.Wed, May 27, 4:23 PM

I think the current handling is correct. As you said, the specified default is FP_CONTRACT ON. The description of the mad function in the table is unrelated, since that's the definition and won't change based on the pragma.

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