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[MLIR][Affine] Mark affine.min and affine.max as NoSideffect.

Authored by herhut on Thu, Feb 13, 4:33 AM.



The operation has no sideffects and it was probably just an oversight
that the trait is missing.

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20 msLLVM.Bindings/Go::go.test
Script: -- : 'RUN: at line 1'; llvm-go test

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herhut created this revision.Thu, Feb 13, 4:33 AM

Noticed this because the loop.parallel transformation bailed out on these.

herhut updated this revision to Diff 244388.Thu, Feb 13, 4:35 AM

Commit message fixed.

Weird, AffineMinOp and AffineMaxOp do have the trait, they are just below (I asked @OuHangKresnik to add them in one of recent commits). Can we explore more what's the problem with loop.parallel not seing the trait?

herhut abandoned this revision.Thu, Feb 13, 6:03 AM

The answer is simple. I did not rebase :)