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[libc++] Optimize std::string's external instantiations in an ABI compatible way

Authored by ldionne on Jan 31 2020, 2:27 PM.



This patch introduces the mechanism through which libc++ can add, remove, or modify externally instantiated methods of std::string.
Under an unstable ABI, adding and removing external definitions is trivial. Under the stable ABI we are much more limited.

If we want to allow inlining of a external method in ABI v1 we can remove the extern template declaration while
retaining the extern template definition New code will no longer generate out-of-line calls to that method, but
old code will continue to work since the definition is still present.

At the same time, we can define but not declare new out-of-line methods in the stable ABI. Staging these definitions
for use in the future, after all supported dylibs contain them.

This allows code to perform and inline std::string roughly the same across both ABI's. Meaning std::string
should retain the same performance characteristics regardless of ABI.


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We should probably not outline this ctor before we do the 'init_long_external'


nit : empty line added


Should we add a comment that these entries should never be removed, ever? This for reviewers less familiar with ABI subtleties.

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I think this can be abandoned since the work has been done in another patch. Is that correct? If so, please close to clean up the queue.

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Commandeering to abandon since the work has been done differently.

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