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[clang] Build clang-shlib on mingw
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Authored by vchuravy on Tue, Jan 21, 7:10 PM.



Currently we exclude the libclang-cpp cmake files
on any non-unix platform, this excludes mingw32.

I suspect that the goal was to exclude MSVC only.
For the LLVM shlib we throw an error if someone tries
to build the shared library, whereas I stuck to the pattern
here that a misconfiguration causes an early return.

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vchuravy created this revision.Tue, Jan 21, 7:10 PM
Herald added a project: Restricted Project. · View Herald TranscriptTue, Jan 21, 7:10 PM

Some additional context. We [Julia] is cross-compiling LLVM from Linux to mingw32
as part of an automatic buildsystem for our binary dependencies. The corresponding PR is

Unit tests: pass. 62088 tests passed, 0 failed and 784 were skipped.

clang-tidy: unknown.

clang-format: pass.

Build artifacts: diff.json, clang-format.patch, CMakeCache.txt, console-log.txt, test-results.xml