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[LLVM-C][bindings/go] Get metadata from a value
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Authored by aykevl on Jan 4 2020, 9:48 AM.



I added a new function that returns a metadata node directly instead of wrapping it in a value, which IIRC is now the recommended approach.

This is especially useful for getting debug info metadata from global variables.

Note that this is a breaking change for the Go bindings. I think this is fine because having a metadata-wrapped-as-value wasn't really usable anyway from the API and the old API was inconsistent with SetMetadata (which accepts a Metadata instead of a Value object). Also, I couldn't find any uses of the Metadata() call in llgo and I can tell you that it is not used in TinyGo.

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CodaFi added a comment.May 1 2020, 5:03 PM

Why not change the behavior of LLVMGetMetadata instead? It's an ABI-compatible change, and expanding the API to cover more cases instead of crashing is API-compatible.