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lnt runtest test-suite: add --qemu-user-mode support
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Authored by kristof.beyls on May 6 2019, 7:06 AM.



To make user more emulation with qemu work well, a specific cmake option
needs to be set when running the test suite under it.
This introduces the --qemu-user-mode option to make this straightforward
from a lnt runtest test-suite command line.

An example command line using this:

lnt runtest test-suite --sandbox lnt_sandbox \

--test-suite ~/dev/ -j40 \
--qemu-user-mode=$HOME/dev/aarch64-emu/ \
--cppflags="-O3" \
--use-lit llvm-lit \

Note that I haven't written regression tests yet for this - I thought I'd first ask for review on the general design before implementing tests.

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