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Add additional mangling for struct members of non trivial structs

Authored by danzimm on Mar 27 2019, 5:46 AM.



In we observe bad codegen when embedding a non-trivial C struct within a C struct. This is due to the fact that name mangling for non-trivial structs marks the two structs as identical. This diff contains a potential fix for this issue. Please comment if there're any untested scenarios I should include.

Test Plan: I've included a unit test & updated other tests

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There is no test here.
Tests should probably go into clang/test/CodeGen.

@lebedev.ri right, sorry about that- I prematurely diff'd (got a few terminals crossed and thought I was finished with the test already). I will be amending with a test and a few other test fixes shortly. Sorry about the miscommunication :/

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I forgot to add the test originally, this update contains a test and updates to old tests to make them pass

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@smeenai please feel free add any reviewers that I might've missed

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Do you need someone to commit this for you?

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I think you can get rid of -fblocks, -fobjc-runtime=ios-11.0, -DUSESTRUCT, and -I %S/Inputs

Also, it might be worth adding a third level of struct to the test, to show that it handles arbitrary nesting correctly (which it does).

danzimm updated this revision to Diff 192652.Mar 28 2019, 9:05 AM

Add a third level to ensure nontrivial structs within structs within structs works (this suggests that N embeddings works too). Also change the invocation of the test

@smeenai good idea on the third level!

Yep, I'll need somebody to commit this for me, thanks!

Looks good. I'll commit this.

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