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[DAGCombiner] unwrap truncated subtraction operand for rol generation in matchRotateSub

Authored by jianye.chen on Aug 18 2018, 6:05 PM.



This patch addresses the issue where if the subtraction operand is ISD::TRUNCATE, it might not get matched for rotation instruction generation.
This issue reproduces if an truncation is generated before subtraction for its operand, while Pos is not truncated twice.
i8/i32/i64 does not generate truncates before subtraction (t10), which avoids this issue.

For actual demonstration of the issue, see, (commented by Simon Pilgrim)
Another issue in 15880 regarding i64 seems already fixed. "if you perform two back-to-back rotates to an expression, the 8 and 32 bit versions use back-to-back rol instructions, the 16 bit version uses two back-to-back shldw instructions, and the 64-bit version performs a shldq followed by a rolq"

define i16 @rol16_1(i16, i16) {

%2 = shl i16 %0, %1
%3 = sub i16 16, %1
%4 = lshr i16 %0, %3
%5 = or i16 %2, %4
ret i16 %5


Initial selection DAG: %bb.0 'rol16_1:entry'
SelectionDAG has 18 nodes:

t0: ch = EntryToken
  t2: i32,ch = CopyFromReg t0, Register:i32 %0
t3: i16 = truncate t2
t5: i32,ch = CopyFromReg t0, Register:i32 %1
      t7: i8 = truncate t5
    t8: i16 = shl t3, t7
          t6: i16 = truncate t5
        t10: i16 = sub Constant:i16<16>, t6
      t11: i8 = truncate t10
    t12: i16 = srl t3, t11
  t13: i16 = or t8, t12
t16: ch,glue = CopyToReg t0, Register:i16 $ax, t13
t17: ch = X86ISD::RET_FLAG t16, TargetConstant:i32<0>, Register:i16 $ax, t16:1

t7 and t11 gets unwrapped before matchRotateSub. t7->t5(Pos; llvm::ISD::NodeType::CopyFromReg); t11->t10.
When matching for rol, current approach verifies if t10 is an ADD or SUB, and if it is a SUB, then its operand(t6) must match Pos(t5), or Pos must be an ADD t6, xxx (not relevant here).

This patch adds an additional unwrap for t6 if t6 != t5 and t10 is a SUB. (which is the case here, llvm::ISD::TRUNCATE != llvm::ISD::NodeType::CopyFromReg)

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jianye.chen created this revision.Aug 18 2018, 6:05 PM
lebedev.ri retitled this revision from [CodeGen] unwrap truncated subtraction operand for rol generation in matchRotateSub to [DAGCombiner] unwrap truncated subtraction operand for rol generation in matchRotateSub.Aug 18 2018, 11:03 PM

@jianye.chen Are you still working on this?

spatel added a comment.Jan 3 2019, 7:40 AM

The motivating cases seen in the regression tests here and PR15880 and PR32023 ( ) were fixed more generally with rL348706, so I think this can be abandoned.

jianye.chen abandoned this revision.Thu, Jun 13, 1:48 AM

I agree, this was addressed already. Abandoned.

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