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[libcxx] Refactor lit.cfg.

Authored by danalbert on Aug 18 2014, 1:08 AM.



The purely imperative format of the configuration performed in lit.cfg was making merge conflicts with changes I have for Android an unbelievable pain in the ass. I've moved all of the configuration into a Configuration class, with each piece of configuration happening in a different method. This way I can avoid merge conflicts, and any new features that get added (as have been done with the sanitizers, the -std flag, etc.) can be easily applied to Android as well.

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Once again, Phabricator ruined a perfectly good diff. Git shows a nice clean diff, so it's probably easier to apply this patch to your local tree (against r215882, there were a few things submitted while I was working on this that I need to rebase on to) and read it there.

jroelofs added inline comments.

This pattern:

self.src_root = self.lit_config.params.get('libcxx_src_root', None)
if self.src_root is None:
    self.src_root = getattr(self.config, 'libcxx_src_root', None)
    if self.src_root is None:
        self.src_root = ...

happens a lot. Maybe it's worth abstracting it out?

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  • Factor out some of the configuration logic.
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It makes me very happy to approve this! Now commit it before we have merge conflicts!

A few nits you can choose to ignore or implement:

  • I had trouble finding the start to the configuration class. Maybe add better visual separation.
  • Perhaps we can add better visual separation between methods as well.
  • We lose a lot of space to indentation. I would prefer 2 space tabs. (even though all my editors are set to 4).

Either way LGTM.

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