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[InstCombine] Support BitTests in ThreeWayComparison. Trivial case

Authored by mkazantsev on Apr 19 2018, 6:27 PM.



Three-way comparison matcher which is used in some of InstCombine's transforms
is intended to detect the following pattern:

%c1 = icmp eq %a, %b
%c2 = icmp slt %a, %b
%select1 = select %c2, %Less, %Greater
%select2 = select %c1, %Equal, %select2

It works fine if %a and %b are some values about which we know nothing. However
if %b is a constant zero, the situation is different. If we look closer at the example:

%c1 = icmp eq %a, 0
%c2 = icmp slt %a, 0
%select1 = select %c2, %Less, %Greater
%select2 = select %c1, %Equal, %select2

Then we can see that the pattern of %c2 and %select1 is actually a bit test of the
highest bit of %a. There are rules in InstCombine that detect this couple before we
go down to detection of the three-way comparison pattern which is only seen when we
process select2. These transforms may turn %c2, %select1 into something different,
and when we process %select2 we may not be able to recognize the three-way comparison

This patch adds support of the following transform:

%c2 = icmp slt %a, 0
%select1 = select %c2, -1, %Greater


%shift = ashr %a, 31
%or = or %shift, %Greater

This is a part of fix for bug 37147.

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