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[GlobalISel][X86] Support G_LSHR/G_ASHR/G_SHL.

Authored by igorb on Sep 24 2017, 1:34 AM.



Support G_LSHR/G_ASHR/G_SHL. We have 3 variance for shift instructions : shift gpr, shift imm, shift 1.
Currently GlobalIsel TableGen generate patterns for shift imm and shift 1, but with shiftCount i8.
In G_LSHR/G_ASHR/G_SHL like LLVM-IR both arguments has the same type, so for now only shift i8 can use auto generated TableGen patterns.

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LGTM with minor comments


Can you please add a comment here explaining how shift by constant shift-amount are handled?


I don't think that NumTypes adds much here. You can just define OpTable[] =


another option would be to search to avoid the chauned if's. Maybe something like:

find(OpTable, [DstTy] (const DhiftEntry& E) { return E.SizeInBits == DstTy.getSizeInBits(); })
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