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Add support for remembering origins to ExternalASTMerger

Authored by spyffe on Sep 22 2017, 4:45 PM.



At @bruno 's request, recreating this with cfe-commits as a subscriber. The original is

ExternalASTMerger has hitherto relied on being able to look up any Decl through its named DeclContext chain. This works for many cases, but causes problems for function-local structs, which cannot be looked up in their containing FunctionDecl. An example case is

void f() {
  { struct S { int a; }; }
  { struct S { bool b; }; }

It is not possible to lookup either of the two Ses individually (or even to provide enough information to disambiguate) after parsing is over; and there is typically no need to, since they are invisible to the outside world.

However, ExternalASTMerger needs to be able to complete either S on demand. This led to an XFAIL on test/Import/local-struct, which this patch removes. The way the patch works is:

  • It defines a new data structure, ExternalASTMerger::OriginMap, which clients are expected to maintain (default-constructing if the origin does not have an ExternalASTMerger servicing it)
  • As DeclContexts are imported, if they cannot be looked up by name they are placed in the OriginMap. This allows ExternalASTMerger to complete them later if necessary.
  • As DeclContexts are imported from an origin that already has its own OriginMap, the origins are forwarded – but only for those DeclContexts that are actually used. This keeps the amount of stored data minimal.

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spyffe created this revision.Sep 22 2017, 4:45 PM
bruno added inline comments.Sep 22 2017, 5:04 PM
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No need for else here.

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No need for curly braces here.

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You can probably simplify this to something like:

bool RecordOrigin = !FoundFromDC || !IsSameDC(FoundFromDC.get(), Origin.DC);

if (RecordOrigin)
  RecordOriginImpl(ToDC, Origin, Importer);
if (LoggingEnabled()) {
  logs() << "(ExternalASTMerger*)" << (void*)this
         << " decided";
  if (!RecordOrigin)
    logs() << " NOT";
  logs() << " to record origin (DeclContext*)" << (void*)Origin.DC
         << ", (ASTContext*)" << (void*)&Origin.AST
         << "\n";
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No need for curly braces here.

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No need for curly braces here

spyffe updated this revision to Diff 116680.Sep 26 2017, 9:56 AM

Updates and small refactors requested by Bruno.

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