[LLD][ELF] make default for get{ARM,AArch64}UndefinedRelativeWeakVA unreachable

Authored by peter.smith on Jun 13 2017, 2:17 AM.



The get{ARM,AArch64}UndefinedRelativeWeakVA() functions should only be called for PC-relative relocations. Complete the supported pc-relative relocations in the switch statement and make the default case unreachable.

The R_ARM_TARGET relocation can be evaluated as R_ARM_REL32 but it is only used in the context of exception tables, and is never output with respect to a weak reference so it does not appear in the switch statement.

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What does this comment explain?

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to the place ...?

I'll update the comments and move the llvm_unreachable.

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In the ARM ABI there is a general rule for handling pc-relative relocations. There is a further special case for the subset of pc-relative instructions that are also branch relocations. I wanted to explain why the branch relocations resolved to the address of the next instruction, but the other relocations did not.

I'll update the comments to make this more explicit.

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I'm using the long form for P in the PC-relative relocation calculation (S + A) - P. The place is commonly used in ELF processor supplements [*], but I'll make it clearer.

For example in the AMD64 ABI:

P Represents the place (section offset or address) of the storage unit being relocated (computed using r_offset).

Updated diff with comment changes. Let me know if you want any changes, otherwise I'll commit tomorrow?

ruiu added inline comments.Jun 14 2017, 10:37 AM
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Thank you for adding the explanation.

So, does this comment explain return P + 2 + A? I'd move this after case instead of writing it before case.

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Move this after the last case too.

Updated diff to move comments and make it clearer that the +2 is for a 16-bit thumb instruction and +4 for ARM.

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I've committed as r305673 as the last changes were only comment related. I'm happy to alter further if needed.