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[ARM] handle promotion of zero sized constants.

Authored by TimNN on Mar 18 2017, 2:26 AM.




The special case of zero sized values was previously not handled correctly. This patch handles this by not promoting if the size is zero.

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TimNN created this revision.Mar 18 2017, 2:26 AM
jmolloy requested changes to this revision.Mar 18 2017, 2:35 AM

Hi Tim,

Thanks for looking into this. I'm not 100% certain about your patch though. The intent in this code is that everything gets padded to a multiple of 4 bytes (see PaddingPossible and RequiredPadding above). I'd expect that in the case you describe, RequiredPadding would be != 4, so the loop at line 3095 would padd out the global and avoid putting too-small data in the constant pool.

Without a reduced testcase (which would be needed to commit the change) I can't offhand see where the problem could actually be.



This revision now requires changes to proceed.Mar 18 2017, 2:35 AM

Hi Tim,

I see, thanks. Yes, you're right, the abnormal case of Size == 0 would indeed blow this code up. Can I suggest:

  1. You add a "|| Size == 0" term to the if condition on line 3066
  2. You add a testcase.

The testcase should be a LIT test. You can see examples in the test/CodeGen/ARM directory which should be where this test should go. Have a look at test/CodeGen/ARM/constantpool-promote.ll - you can tag your test onto the end there.

Something like (appending after the @test9 function):

@zerosize = private unnamed_addr constant [0 x i16] zeroinitializer, align 4
;; Comment for this test
; CHECK-LABEL: @pr32130
; CHECK: -NOT: adr
define void @pr32130() #0 {
  tail call void @c(i16* getelementptr inbounds ([0 x i16], [0 x i16]* @zerosize, i32 0, i32 0)) #2
  ret void
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I have updated the patch as suggested.

jmolloy accepted this revision.Mar 18 2017, 4:52 AM

LGTM, thanks!

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TimNN added a comment.Mar 18 2017, 5:12 AM

I cannot commit this myself, could someone please do it for me?

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