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[libcxx] Fix tuple construction/assignment from types derived from tuple/pair/array.

Authored by EricWF on Dec 8 2016, 7:39 PM.



The standard requires tuple have the following constructors:

tuple(tuple<OtherTypes...> const&);
tuple(tuple<OtherTypes...> &&);
tuple(pair<T1, T2> const&);
tuple(pair<T1, T2> &&);
tuple(array<T, N> const&);
tuple(array<T, N> &&);

However libc++ implements these as a single constructor with the signature:

template <class TupleLike, enable_if_t<__is_tuple_like<TupleLike>::value>>

This causes the constructor to reject types derived from tuple-like types; Unlike if we had all of the concrete overloads, because they cause the derived->base conversion in the signature.

This patch fixes this issue by detecting derived types and the tuple-like base they are derived from. It does this by creating an overloaded function with signatures for each of tuple/pair/array and checking if the possibly derived type can convert to any of them.

This patch fixes PR17550

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Cleanup a couple of issues.

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Fix comments.

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A general comment about using the base in noexcept condition. I remember for variant we wanted to express it directly rather than delegating it to the "base". Does that also apply here?

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Here and elsewhere, why do we bother with base_.operator=(...); as opposed to just base_ = ...;?

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Address review comments.

@mpark any other concerns/comments?

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Accepting revision. @mpark mentioned that this was good to go offline. Ignore the inline comment about base.operator=, phab won't let me delete it.

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This should be fixed

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Yes. probably. but this is existing code. I'll fix that in another patch. Plus it's really hard to state this noexcept directly since you need to expand the input argument into its tuple-types.

917 ↗(On Diff #80870)

I think the reason for not using base_ = ... is because that can select different conversion sequences IIRC.

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