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[scan-build-py] port tests to lit (and major fixes)

Authored by rizsotto.mailinglist on Nov 8 2016, 3:38 AM.



this is a big rewrite of the functional tests.

major fixes are:

  • using 'arguments' in compilation database to avoid shell escaping bugs as were in 'command' field
  • using relative file path in compilation database
  • using JSON to pass parameters between compiler wrappers and build wrappers
  • using JSON to encode values for interception
  • unify process execution to make the code portable across different python versions
  • add support for compiler wrappers and compilers
  • add support to recognize user provided compilers
  • fix 'exclude' flag to work across all tools
  • tested on travis-ci (linux and osx) and appveyor (windows)

in this commit i deleted the windows batch files, because this will not work as it was. needs to generate those.

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unfortunately this code still has major issues, which i just caught recently with tests. fix comes soon. sorry.

fixed the issues i found and added tests too

simplify intercept module