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[mips] Macro expansion for ld, sd for O32

Authored by sdardis on Sep 14 2016, 6:17 AM.



ld and sd when assembled for the O32 ABI expand to a pair of 32 bit word loads
or stores using the specified source or destination register and the next

This patch does not add support for the cases where the offset is greater than
a 16 bit signed immediate as that would lead to a wrong/misleading error
message as the assembler would report "instruction requires a CPU feature
not currently enabled" for ld & sd for MIPS64 when their offset is not a signed
16 bit number.

This fixes PR/29159.

Thanks to Sean Bruno for reporting this issue!

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patch applied, rebuilding clang for testing.

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Yep, thank you very much. This seems to do the right thing!

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The GNU assembler orders these instructions in decreasing offsets when the source register is the same with the destination register.


We should group this with the ISA_MIPS1_NOT_* classes above.

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Addressed review comments.

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Thanks, committed rL284481 .