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[Polly][GSoC 2016]Add PolyhedralInfo pass- new interface to Polly Analysis

Authored by cs14mtech11017 on Jun 17 2016, 5:21 PM.



Adding a new pass PolyhedralInfo. This pass will be the interface to Polly.
Initially, we will provide the following interfaces, which could be extended at a later phase:-
#IsParallel(Loop *L) - return a bool depending on whether the loop is parallel or not for the given program order.
#IsVectorizable(Loop *L) - return minimum dependence distance for the loop. This is work in progress.

Please provide your suggestions and directions so that I can take a better approach.

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Some comments are inlined. Also add test cases please.

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Please do not open the namespace but use llvm:: where needed.

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Documentation is missing for all these functions.

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Do we really require all these passes transitive?

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Not neeeded.

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Not neeeded.

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Maybe also print the "name" of the loop not only if it is parallel or not.

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Move this down before the conditional where it is possibly changed.

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Maybe change the "getDependences" interface to accept const Scops first.

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If you do not include reduction dependences here you need to make that clear in the documentation.

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Does this work? I would have expected you would get the initial schedule from the Scop.

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Why do you check isParallel twice, you can simply add the TC_RED dependences above.

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More comments

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I would not declare variables early if they have an actual limited scope. The two comments below show I would declare them.

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for (auto *BB : LI->blocks())
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auto *Stmt = S->getStmtFor(BB);
if (!Stmt)
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I just recalled that you can use the Scop::getRelativeLoopDepth(Loop *) function here too.

Fixed corrupt memory issues due to isl objects. Added test cases.

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Updated the patch with necessary changes. Added unit test cases.

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Removed. Will add as per need.

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DependenceInfoWrapperPass and ScopInfoWrapperPass are required transitive. LoopInfoWrapperPass is not. Updated accordingly.

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Anyhow we will require a constant cast. Dependences::calculateDependences(Scop &S) is being called from DependenceInfoWrapperPass. It is better to do it in this interface itself.

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It was WIP, now updated accordingly.

Some minor remarks but after they are fixed it looks good to go in.

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Please do not open the namespace but use llvm:: where needed.

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"in its outermost dimension" doesn't make sense. Just remove that part.

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"Loop" is a bad variable name as it is a type, use L or something else.

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if (!SS)

lowers the indention

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Why is there a check not omp parallel for but you report a parallel loop?

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Updated according to review comments.

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Its a restriction on nested openmp parallel pragma where the outer loop is also openmp parallel.

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Does this pass LNT when it is part of the Polly pipeline [profitable but also unprofitable] or are there any crashes? If not I would go ahead and commit it for you.

I tested this with lnt and there are no crashes. However, there exists few failed cases with and without this patch.

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Maybe reformulate "This interface provides basic interface".

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