[Polly][GSoC 2016][WIP]New function pass DependenceInfoWrapperPass

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This patch addresses -
#A new function pass to compute polyhedral dependences. This is required to avoid region pass manager
#Stores a map of Scop to Dependence object of all the scops present in a function. By default, access wise dependences are stored.

This is work in progress. Need reviews and comments to make it better.

Depends on D20962

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Dear Utpal,

thanks for working on this. The general direction looks good. I leave the more detailed review to Johannes, Ether and whoever else has some input.


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Please look at the comments and add some test cases as you did with the scopinfo function pass.

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Move this to the private section of the class please.

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@param S

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I am still not a fan of these lines and you introduce 2 of them in this patch. Could you remove them or do you think they really help?

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assertion message seems odd.

And why cant we recompute dependences for the same SCoP? Isn't that what this function is all about?

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Empty line + @brief comment in the cpp file.

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