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IR: Allow multiple global metadata attachments with the same type.

Authored by pcc on May 18 2016, 10:41 PM.



This will be necessary to allow the global merge pass to attach
multiple debug info metdata nodes to global variables once we reverse
the edge from DIGlobalVariable to GlobalVariable.

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Couple of small inline comments.

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Short comment?

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Why is this check necessary?

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if (hasMetadata())
  getContext().pImpl->GlobalObjectMetadata[this].get(KindID, MDs);
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Same here

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if (!MD)
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This condition is redundant since addMetadata will check for a nullptr.

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++NumDebugAttachments <= 1

can never be <1, right?

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It isn't, removed.

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Rethinking this, maybe this function should always expect an non-null MDNode, since unlike setMetadata the intent is always to add an attachment. WDYT?

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See above

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No, changed to ==

aprantl added inline comments.May 31 2016, 11:33 AM
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Comment mentioning what happens if the ID is invalid?

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No t sure: should we define a type that inherits from std:pair<unsigned, MDNode &> and defines an operator< or would that be over-engineering?

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Usually, we're calling this method insert().

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Comment explaining the sorting guarantees on the output?

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Could/should we then change the signature to use MDNode &MD?

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The doxygen comment in the header should probably mention that this only works for singular attachments, though it's kind of obvious from the function signature.

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Please add an assertion message.

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Thanks! I also think I'd be more comfortable with the hoisting the increment onto its own line, given that AssertDI is a macro and all.

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Can you remind me why it is safe to drop this test without replacement?

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To me it would be clearer to define the ordering just in getAll. Defining the ordering in an operator< function would imply that two attachments with the same ID are "equal", while at the moment it's clear from reading the code for getAll that that isn't the case.

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From GlobalObject.h:

The functions that return an MDNode require that the function have at most a
single attachment of the given kind


But I've split up the doxygen comment for getMetadata into two "blocks" so it's clearer which comments pertain to which functions.

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Its purpose is to test the GlobalObject::dropUnknownMetadata function, which has no non-test users [1], so there's no point in keeping it.

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Looking good now.

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