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[MBP] Avoid placing random blocks between loop preheader and header

Authored by reames on Mar 2 2016, 3:05 PM.



If we have a loop with a rarely taken path, we will prune that from the blocks which get added as part of the loop chain. The problem is that we weren't then recognizing the loop chain as schedulable when considering the preheader when forming the function chain. We'd then fall to various non-predecessors before finally scheduling the loop chain (as if the CFG was unnatural.) The net result was that there could be lots of garbage between a loop preheader and the loop, even though we could have directly fallen into the loop. It also meant we separated hot code with regions of colder code.

The particular reason for the rejection of the loop chain was that we were scanning predecessor of the header, seeing the backedge, believing that was a globally more important predecessor (true), but forgetting to account for the fact the backedge precessor was already part of the existing loop chain (oops!.

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As a side note, the name of this variable is highly misleading. When scheduling function chains, this is used to track unscheduled predecessors outside of any loop. Once this change is in, I'd like to rename this to something more meaningful. Any suggestions?

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Gah, excellent bug fix. That makes perfect sense to me, and thanks!

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No real idea. =/ I agree, it was bad when it started and it has gotten worse.

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Great fix! Then we can ignore any predecessors in the same chain and treat the chain as a single node, in which case the chain should always be a loop chain.

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Maybe ChainPredecessors? But in loops this may also be misleading. If we treat the function as a loop body, maybe ChainPredecessorsInLoop is better?

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There does not seem to be a guarantee about the order between rare and rare1. How about using CHECK-NOT to make sure cold blocks are intermixed with hot ones?

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How does UnscheduledPredecessors sound? I'm going for something that describes how the value changes over time and what that actually means.

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Sounds good!

davidxl added a subscriber: davidxl.Mar 2 2016, 4:45 PM

Or perhaps UnscheduledPredInLoop ?


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I'm am specifically trying to avoid any mention of loops because the
variable is used when not in any loop.


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Landed in 262571