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Introduce llvm/ADT/OptionSet.h utility class
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Authored by akyrtzi on Feb 16 2016, 8:22 PM.



Introduces ‘OptionSet’ in llvm/ADT headers, which is a utility class that makes it convenient to work with enumerators representing bit options.

We have found it useful in the swift repo where it originates. Apple owns the copyright on the entire file as posted for review and can thus relicense under the LLVM license.

For example of its usefulness, if accepted I intend to use OptionSet in clang code, for 'SymbolRoleSet' here:
This will improve type safety and make the code more readable, avoiding all the 'unsigned' casts such as this:

Roles |= (unsigned)SymbolRole::Implicit;

MSVC 2013 had some trouble with the code and there are parts ifdef’ed out for MSVC 2013.
Aaron was kind enough to offer feedback on the MSVC issues.
Per Jordan, the static assert that gives trouble for MSVC is just an enforced style check.

The specific MSVC issues were:

Compiler crash:
Compiler error in unit test:
Unit test failure:

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LGTM w/minor comments.


How does this differ from the one above it?


Please add an assertion that Storage is a power of two inside this constructor. This is the only place we get to validate that Flag is actually a disjoint bitset.


Should this be a static_cast<T>? Otherwise, why have the type param?


minor: expression & in terms of &= or vice versa would make it more clear that both are correct (or equally wrong), but increasing test coverage. Its very, very likely that any decent compiler will elide the extra copies.


Seems like this could be handled just like the early constructable return.

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It causes 'sizeof(T)' to be dependent for the purpose of SFINAE.

At the point you've done this though, you might as well also tuck the enable_if into a template argument. You're already using the feature with an optional template argument here...

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